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Compaction equipment

Get the job done faster
Our range of compaction equipment will take your productivity to a whole new level. Outstanding compaction efficiency enables you to squeeze more into your daily schedule.


Light construction and demolition equipment

Still small and light
Ergonomics, a central issue
The science of ergonomics addresses the interactions between operators, machines, and the working environment.


Concrete equipment

Our know how for your applications With our varied concrete products we cover a lot of applications. What can we do for you?
Durable and reliable Good tools are an investment in our abilities and your satisfaction


Power generators

A full range of diesel generators
Our standard models offer power from 1,6 till 2250kVA. But ask us for a special project in case you require more power for your application. 

Get the job done faster

Our range of compaction equipment takes your productivity to a whole new level.
The spectacular compression efficiency allows you to add more tasks to your daily schedule.


Making our work day easier and more productive is our highest priority.
Intelligent engineering solutions and intuitive design increase efficiency.

Cost Efficiency

You need equipment built to last longer with longer service intervals.
Our innovative designs result from long experience in the industry and close relationships with our customers.

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